Rooftop Solar

Option 1

Rent & Construct

  • We rent roof space from you.
  • We fund and build a solar power plant.
  • There is no capital expenditure by you, and we retain ownership of the equipment.
  • We then provide income to you by way of low flat-rate energy prices, fixed for 25 years.

Option 2

Install & Maintain

  • You finance the equipment and we install it.
  • We assess the given roof space, and provide you with the optimum specification for the space, taking into account shading, geography, energy consumption on site, and other relevant factors.
  • We then install and maintain the solar array providing you with hassle-free income and energy savings for the life of the plant.

Across the Southwest there are thousands of commercial roofs which could be developed, at no cost to the owner, into renewable energy producing assets. We will convert this potential into energy savings providing additional income to your business.

Recent Rooftop Projects: